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Welcome to Our Globetrotters: A website dedicated to travel-lovers who still want to explore the world, even after kids come along.  Come and see where our globetrotting adventures & interviews have taken us
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Who are the Globetrotters?

Dispelling myths, talking to real families and taking you along on our own overseas adventures, we are a travelling family that wants to prove you CAN travel with your kids … And enjoy it!!

Who are the Globetrotters from OurGlobetrotters.Com

Founded by Keri, Our Globetrotters started life back in 2013 as “Baby Globetrotters”.  First created as a personal blog to share her family’s overseas adventures and travel tips with inquisitive friends and family, it has evolved into an online resource for all travelling parents with a passion to keep exploring the world.

Originally from Australia, the Globetrotters are currently based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, but look to travel to destinations around the world every chance they have – clocking up some serious air miles on the way!  You can read more about our 3 kids who originally inspired the Globetrotters story here.

So you want to be a confident world traveller too?

Great! The right frame of mind is the best start. We know leaving your everyday family comfort zone isn’t easy.  We know not all travel or holiday experiences will suit all families, just as no one expatriate posting or living experience can compare to another. Through a combination of our own travel stories, guest blogging contributions and interviews with fellow expatriates and travelling parents we aim to be your go-to resource for tackling overseas adventures as a family.

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