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Our endeavour is to give you, as parents (or grandparents or parents to be…) the confidence that you CAN still travel with your kids – and enjoy it!

We certainly don’t claim to know it all when it comes to family travel; There are only so many countries we can visit, modes of transport we can use and cities we can live in!! To make Our Globetrotters as useful a resource as possible, we draw on the knowledge of both our readers and other bloggers to make this a fabulous community for expatriate living and family travel related topics, while keeping it personal.

How can you get involved?

The good news is, you don’t need to be a writer! If you have a story to tell or a travel tip to share we give you the option of either doing an interview with Keri or bloggers have the opportunity to contribute their own work, with full credit and copy write.

Here are just a few of the ways you can currently be involved here at Our Globetrotters 

Expat Parenting

Every month we take a stroll around the globe talking to parents about what it’s like bringing up a family overseas. From language barriers to health concerns and school waiting lists, we discuss the best and worst of family expat life. We can send you an interview questionnaire, discuss over Skype or meet you in person to take down your story. We have already covered locations from Shanghai to the Seychelles, Panama to Pakistan; could your city be next?

Expat Parenting Interviews with Our Globetrotters

Airline Reviews

One of our most highly searched topics is understanding what you can and can’t do with infants and children on airlines – it’s certainly a confusing area of family travel.  We have a series dedicated to reviewing the world’s 30 leading international carriers but we need your help! We want first-hand accounts of your flying experience; from customer service to kiddy meals, did your airline deliver what you expected for the family traveller? We will take your written submissions with photos (please limit to international long-haul experiences, we are currently not covering domestic or budget airlines), or you can contact Keri to tell your story and we’ll do the rest.  Photos are an added bonus.
We ask for contributors to help us complete our Family Flying Airline Reviews of top 30 International Carriers | OurGlobetrotters.Net

Explore My City

Dedicated for expat and travel blogger guest posts, our Explore My City series is all about giving us the inside word on where families should go in your city (or country!).  This can be a new article you have written along the lines of “what to do with 24 hours in..” or “top spots not to be missed when you visit….” or you can adapt from an existing article you have written.

Full credit and links can be given back to your website and social media accounts, along with a small bio about you and your website.  This is a fabulous way to expand your writing (and photography) to a new audience while sharing the best parts of your home.

(Please check locations already covered before making any submission, we’d like to keep some variety from across the globe).

Explore My City guest blogging series on OurGlobetrotters.Com

For any of the above guest writing opportunities, please email Keri at [email protected] (or see other ways to connect with us) and we’ll send you more detailed guest blogging guidelines or interview questions related to your area of interest.

What we do not accept:

Any guest posts that are obviously of a commercial rather than personal nature (take a look at our work with us page if you are looking for a sponsored post or product/destination review); Posts unrelated to family travel or expat life; Reviews or posts on destinations that have already been covered.

Anything we’ve missed?  Contact us if there’s another way you think you can contribute to our online family travel community, helping give parents the confidence they CAN travel with kids – and enjoy it!

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