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May 2015

Baby Globetrotters Recommend | OurGlobetrotters.Net

In a new addition to the Baby Globetrotters blog, we will be rounding up each month our best recommendations on travel, family and expat life for our readers; be it social media accounts, blogs, books, products or destinations – things we have enjoyed or products we think you will find useful.

This month I have spent a lot of time working with social media networks, getting word (or picture!) of mouth out there about the exciting adventures we are having as an expat family – always planning our next adventure, but never quite having enough time to right it all down – simple snapshots are the way to go sometimes!

Instagram – Family Travel

Being focused on and passionate for travel, I think Instagram is one of the best medias for a travel blogger to use; people don’t just want to read what you did, how beautiful the view was, how much fun the kids had – they want to see it!!!

I have been busy, busy working on bringing more of the Globetrotter story to life through our own Instagram account lately as well as being the first feature family on the newly established My Expat Family account this past week (if you want to know more about this collaboration with Seychelles Mama just click here).

Half the fun of using Instagram though is finding other like-minded adventurers to follow, so here are 4 fabulous Instagrammers providing inspiration, colour and creativity in the family travel field;

lapsiperheenmatkat | Our Globetrotters Recommends | OurGlobetrotters.NetLapsiperheenmatkat – its worth getting your tongue around this one to follow the story of two Finnish travel bloggers. Sharing the funniest moments travelling and living with kids – their colourful album is punctuated with some lovely, witty stories (mostly in English). Currently telling their story of “Living Like a Local” in France they have been giving me a great laugh.

traveltheunbeatenpath | Our Globetrotters Recommends | OurGlobetrotters.NetTraveltheunbeatenpath Instagram – Gorgeous snaps by Lo of adventurous family travel with a new baby and completely rocking the Ergo as they go! They also have a non-profits spin about their tale, a newbie well worth a look.

global_munchkins | Our Globetrotters Recommends | OurGlobetrotters.NeGlobal_Munchkins – A mama blogger travelling with her hubby and 5 kiddos – and making it look easy! (how is that possible?!) Currently in Paris, looks like they’re having so much fun I just want to jump on over and join them!

Smithsholidayroad | Our Globetrotters Recommends | OurGlobetrotters.NetSmithsholidayroad – A family of 5 adventuring as often as they can. What makes their travels unique is that their oldest son uses a wheelchair.  This hasn’t stopped them venturing far and wide across the globe.  Based in Melbourne their recent tales take us through Bangkok, Wales, Italy and more.

I also want to give a mention here too for @familytravelmonday – limited posts for a collaborative page as such, but every Monday family travel bloggers are encouraged to share their favourite family pics using the hashtag #familytravelmonday.  This makes it so easy to get a weekly snapshot of what fellow travel family’s are up to and who to follow.  After following this hashtag for a while I find my Monday pictures get a much higher hit rate and an increase in new followers occurs overnight – never underestimate the power of the hashtag!


Else where in the online world, I have to admit to being mildly addicted to Pinterest. It started off with just a few boards on travel advice and expat life to promote the blog, and, well any fellow Pinners out there, you know how it ends; three hours later you’ve redecorated your living room, worked out some new crafts to try with the kids and established why you’re a hopeless failure of a parent for yelling at your kids, phew!

So narrowing it down then (other than the best boards to get Lightening McQueen party food ideas) – the best of the best discoveries for me this month have been;

Travel with Bender – these guys are pure class when it comes to family travel. Originally from Melbourne (ok one of my home towns, I’m slightly bias), they are living the nomadic travelling life with two kids.  They prove how far around the globe you can go with your kids, and happily share all their secrets with a dash of cheekiness! An extensive range of destination ideas and how to guides.

Wild About Here – Packed full of encouragement and ideas for kids to get adventurous outdoors and crafty indoors, this mummy bloggers’ boards are beautifully presented and full of inspirational ideas for your little ones.

Awesome views – this is a group board as supposed to an individual Pinner but with a whooping 350,000+ pins it is a regular in my daily feed – pure travel porn! Amazing pictures from around the world to add some colour and inspiration to your day.

Twitter Chat

If we’re talking social media I have to give a plug to something new and exciting that I am launching tomorrow with Seychelles Mama, Chantelle – our first live Twitter chat! From 11am GST / 8am BST on Monday’s we will be talking to other expat mums and dads about their expat lives, starting on 1 June with ‘the move’. If you miss the live chat, don’t forget to follow @myexpat family still on Twitter and Instagram, we’ll be sharing the best tweets and photos from our community, and Seychelles Mama will still be posting a monthly linky for expat family blog sharing around mid-month.

Top Referrers

Last but not least, this post is also the perfect opportunity to give a big shout out here to a few bloggers and websites who have highlighted the work of Baby Globetrotters this month – a big thank you to all for your support, please go and check out the rest of their work too!

Clara from Expat Partner Survival provided a glowing review of the Our Globetrotters site as part of her Review Wednesday last week;

Travelling with kids. Ugh. It’s one of those things that sometimes you have to just grit your teeth and get on with – especially if you’re an expat and you really don’t have much choice in the matter. After all, you’ve got to get to your destination somehow – and chances are you’re probably going to want to come home again. Although, having had some fairly horrendous experiences with my own children (including this memorable journey when we flew to Pakistan with an unscheduled stopover in Dubai), there were times when I thought it might be better just never to ever fly anywhere ever again.

But here comes Keri at Our Globetrotters to make things easier! Seasoned traveller, as well as seasoned parent, Keri’s site is full of useful information, tips and advice to make taking your little ones around the world just that little bit easier.

Laura from Life with Baby Kicks, a Dubai based family and lifestyle blogger also featured our adventures in Vietnam as part of her #travelwithme series this month;

Being an expat I love a good expat blog, but what I love about Our Globetrotters is the whole ethos, you CAN still travel with children, they don’t have to stop you.  They don’t even have to slow you down.  From airline reviews, no more worries about what you can and can’t take on a plane, wonderful musings into the expat life and of course top tips and travel advice.

One of the most popular posts so far on the Baby Globetrotters blog has been The 10 Commandments of Family Air Travel, which was first published on Expat Essentials

Guest Blogger Keri Hedrick, editor of Our Globetrotters and long-term expat, shares with us her considerable experience of flying long haul with a family. Keri’s Ten Commandments are a combination of good humour and solid practical advice, and her words of wisdom give hope to all expat families who are hesitant about flying with kids.

Now back to checking Pinterest one more time while I pull together the final touches on Master 3’s Lightening McQueen party – 20 or so munchkins about to descend on my house, wish me luck!

Keri  ~ Editor of OurGlobetrotters.Net

Are there any Instagram accounts you’ve loved in May or a great new Pinterest board you’d like to give a big shout out to? (self plugging is welcome!) Share the love and mention them below.


Images taken from the social media accounts mentioned remain © the original account holder

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