Best Toddler Travel Advice

Just when you thought you were becoming a pro at this travel with a baby thing, suddenly a change comes over your child. For some it creeps up slowly, for others, it’s like someone has flicked a switch; the toddler years.

Best Toddler Travel Advice from Our Globetrotters - Worldwide Family Travel Experts

Your once content tot who was happy to be carried, pushed and hauled around the globe has not just put his/her foot down about this whole travel gig, they’ve stomped all over it, thrown up on it, melted down over it and toddled away from it.

Those toddler years ARE TOUGH!

It’s at this stage that a lot of parents start to find the thought of travelling with their child beyond the end of the block somewhat overwhelming, and understandably so.  You really need to employ entirely different strategies for a toddler

You really need to employ entirely different strategies for a toddler than you do for an immobile infant.  Getting that balance right and avoiding hunger, tiredness and boredom is essential.  Extra stimulation, involvement and planning are essential.

Flying with toddlers

Flying with a toddler - travel adviceThis has undoubtedly been the hardest aspect for us of toddler travel.  As soon as your beautiful little lap baby outgrows the airline bassinet but can’t independently have their own seat, you are stuck with this squirming bundle of arms and legs. They are too young still to see the benefits of keeping the headphones on and listening to an iPad, yet too old to have any hope they will simply sleep through the flight.  Here’s a selection of our best toddler flying tips and advice:

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Do you have a toddler travel question to ask? For safety reasons as well as your sanity it is quite a unique travelling age, we know what you are going through!!

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